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ĦĦĦĦResponsibilities: assist the Department of Commerce of Ningxia foreign economic policy, make informed information consultation, coordination of the industry, business training, foreign exchange, exchange of information, the member communication, information platform construction site maintenance, as follows:

ĦĦĦĦ Timely publication the State Department of Commerce, Ningxia chamber of Commerce and the relevant units of the new foreign trade laws, regulations, guidelines and policies; actively building maintenance association information website platform, collect the district and outside the information, update website content, released outside the field project information, establish and perfect the membership information database; assist the Department of Commerce of Ningxia and the good external the project cooperation, communication and coordination to promote the cooperation received various training courses and promotion; assist the Department of Commerce of Ningxia and the members of the organization to participate in various domestic and international economic conference and market investigation, product exhibition, business activities, help members to explore the international market, to solve financial difficulties, United go out play, the lead organization of local enterprises and the developed provinces in the economic and trade cooperation between business; assist the Department of Commerce of Ningxia foreign economic department held a variety of lectures, seminars and training courses, foreign economic work conference, to help improve the quality of staff members and the management level; listen to the views of the member units, requirements, enhance communication and contact the relevant departments of the members and the government, enhance exchanges and cooperation between the member unit; Carried out through discussing the business and enterprise management theory and practice, summed up the experience abroad, promotion of enterprise management; provide the project directory, business consulting, financial consulting, legal advice and protection of intellectual property rights and other service enterprises by foreign; friendly exchanges, strengthen domestic and abroad economic and trade organizations, to promote the exchange of in cooperation with the domestic, international; editing and publishing catalogue, member communication data; the completion of the Ningxia business hall of the other work assigned by the.


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